Discover Acapulco

With beautiful beaches, Acapulco is one of the main sunder vacation holiday destination. The amazing shores and Se Shores gives perfect views of the countryside. Acapulco offers multiple beaches and forts which makes it enjoyable for your holidays. The streets of Acapulco have nightclubs for party animals and bars for the glass holders.  My wife and I traveled there with an old military buddy and his wife.  While I slave away at the office, they now own a large painting company in Arizona (visit The wives snorkled for hours while we drank beer and watched from the shore.  Talk about lazy.  But that’s what vacations are for, right?

Here are top 3 places to visit in Acapulco.

  • Playa Icacos.

If you love calm beaches with fewer people around you than Playa Icacos is the best place to visit in Acapulco. Playa Icacos is blessed with a beautiful half moon shaped shoreline which makes it more attractive because of its shape. The beach is not completely separate from the hustle of the city but is surrounded by skyscrapers from one side. The beach attracts everyone around the city and globe.

  • Fort of San Diego.

Everyone who takes a sip of history with interest than the Fort of San Diego is one of the most thrilling places with rich historical existence. The Fort of San Diego is said to be one of the strongest Spanish holds during the wartime of colonial rule. The beauty of the city increases when it is seen from the top of the Fort. The Fort even serves as a museum of the traditions of Spanish people. From dresses to everything else can be seen in the forest. The admission fee of the Fort is a debatable issue but overall it’s an amazing experience.

  • Chaple of Peace.

After the beaches and forts of the city of Acapulco Chaple of Peace is one of the most amazing views one can imagine of. The best time to visit the Chaple of Peace is evening when the sunsets and the shades turn around giving the hills different shades of colors and making it even more beautiful. The Hands of Brotherhood is the best point to click some pictures with the gazing sun. The place displays the peace attained with brotherhood and provides a very peaceful atmosphere to sit and analyze the life and its flaws.


What else does one want from a single city when it offered sea shores, forts, and Peace.


Florida: the orange state

Florida is one of america’s most visited and tourist attracted countries because of the attractions that are applied when looked through the observations. These observations are known as disney world, universal studios and it’s beautiful resorts and hotels. Disney World offers great observations around the children and adults having fun because of the enjoyable time there. The resorts are great because the pools, everyday activities and the attraction that keep the children busy.

These wonderful resorts are known as an exotic sitting that still applies to our everyday culture with a range that is shown to be close by to everything. Florida is shown to have many sports attractions like the Orlando Magic, John Isner and the Florida Panthers these objectives promote tourism creating a stable community between us and our state’s peers. Florida has a great food reproduction with very good produce that is satisfied all around the world. This is shown by looking at the orange production between this state. Florida has great weather which concludes the paradoxes that show how Florida is the top producer in america.

Florida is known as the vacationer’s paradise with warm weather and cool blue oceans. They have wonderful cruises that create abilities for tourists to come back or even move to the certain objectives. Florida has a lot of space engineered fun for ambitious children and just people who want to understand the concepts because of the pertaining abilities for Florida to have many space stations including one of the biggest in america. Florida has lots of wonderful variety when it comes to sea wildlife around the community. This is shown by looking at the abilities that are shown between the space in square meters around the ocean materials.

The wildlife comes because the water space and the amount of coral reefs that are housed between the certain objectives and Florida’s prepositions. Florida is great for golfing because the  warm weather and not windy atmospherical abbreviations. This causes lots of attractions between golfing events, they can show how pros live in conditions that are suitable for Florida’s needs. Florida’s yacht community is very high because of the heated conditions around the Florida’s sea. This causes lots of average specimens to buy boats to either keep cool or to have a nice ride along the following showing.

Florida has a great ability to hook eyes around the American community because of the theme parks and rides. They have lots of suitable rides for children and fun rides that are shown to be assigned to the adults. The wildlife is shown to be very high throughout the Florida community because of the ability that concludes the nice weather, lots of ocean materials and the effort this state puts in keeping wildlife high throughout these observations. However Florida is known for their sea life because of the mystic creatures that live there. Overall Florida is shown as a wonderful state filled with nice weather and great wildlife. The attractions are beautiful which concludes the tourists liking.